What Quantum computers are capable of.

Computers and IT have revolutionized human race. We were never so connected, so smart and had solution to our complex problems. Moore law states that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles every two year, and this has decreased size to as small as 37.5mm x 37.5mm Continue Reading

Hoping it to be a warning shot

Never wondered I would be able to hear leaves rustling; insects screeching and a silence that is a far cry from a big city’s hustle and bustle. Seems nature has taken over us again. Nature does not seem to be revealing the intentions as usual, whether it is a punishment Continue Reading

Don’t seek happiness

People are shit crazy pursuing happiness. Career, money, materialistic gains etc. attract people not because of the pain and meaning involved in achieving them but the illusion of happiness, which people attach in achievements. People are working graveyard to attain the happiness high, a high that doesn’t stay long, a Continue Reading

Meaning has no life

How hard is life for you to understand, I guess manifold? We are driven by our biological desires to reproduce and care. Although this seems simple (reproduce and care), but it gives birth to various complexities in our lives. A life is nothing but a collection of games we play Continue Reading

Creativity and us

Creativity helps us to create and imagine the unknown. Creativity helps our brain to make new neural connections every day thus expanding our creative horizon and let us think beyond the physical realm. Our five senses integrate the information to be processed by our brain, the information can be manipulated Continue Reading

If the Earth were a grain of sand, then how big would the rest of the universe be in comparison?

This is a crazy thought experiment that got me thinking a lot, in order to move ahead in this thought experiment, let’s assume earth to be a super minute grain of sand, about 1.27 mm in diameter. See this though experiment is all about visualization, earth is super big, but Continue Reading