Blockchain in Supply Chains

Those swanky clothes, that colorful smartest phone, that distracting T.V., ever wondered how they were delivered to your home or to nearest brick and mortal store, the answer is Supply Chain. With globalization, Supply Chain have spread to areas where they are serving people like never before. But scope of Continue Reading

What Quantum computers are capable of.

Computers and IT have revolutionized human race. We were never so connected, so smart and had solution to our complex problems. Moore law states that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles every two year, and this has decreased size to as small as 37.5mm x 37.5mm Continue Reading

How Technology Transformed Human interaction in social circle.

While watching Matrix a week before, I came across a theory which I always thought about but never knew existed. For those who haven’t watched it, it’s about how A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) becomes so smart that it finally enslaves people and crops them for their survival, machines keep humans trapped under Continue Reading

Impact of Social Media on Us

It’s been around 10 years that I’ve been exposed to social media starting from Orkut and then Facebook. It all started after one of my friend suggested me to explore it. I went on to explore and it has been a decade that I was glued to it. I wonder if Continue Reading

Don’t seek happiness

People are shit crazy pursuing happiness. Career, money, materialistic gains etc. attract people not because of the pain and meaning involved in achieving them but the illusion of happiness, which people attach in achievements. People are working graveyard to attain the happiness high, a high that doesn’t stay long, a Continue Reading

Meaning has no life

How hard is life for you to understand, I guess manifold? We are driven by our biological desires to reproduce and care. Although this seems simple (reproduce and care), but it gives birth to various complexities in our lives. A life is nothing but a collection of games we play Continue Reading