How Augmented Reality(AR) would change your social media, supply chain and shopping experience.

Technology is infamous for presenting you with virtual(VR) and augmented reality(AR), a world that you customize according to your requirement. AR augments real world with some added features in it to provide you with more information or guidance for reality. E-commerce is breaking all records for coming up with ideas Continue Reading

Fourier series : A FORMULAE that changed everything

Fourier series is a series which is used in DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING a lot and apart from that if you are into signal and systems or any other geeky electrical and electronic subjects then you have to go through Fourier series, i mean let me tell you Fourier series is Continue Reading

If the Earth were a grain of sand, then how big would the rest of the universe be in comparison?

This is a crazy thought experiment that got me thinking a lot, in order to move ahead in this thought experiment, let’s assume earth to be a super minute grain of sand, about 1.27 mm in diameter. See this though experiment is all about visualization, earth is super big, but Continue Reading