MUSIC is as INFINITE as TIME… Music is a meta-physical realm with multiple dimensions, it does transcends the concepts of the physical world, it dissolves the boundaries of religion, society , economy, personality and what not, music transcends the limited consumerist and capitalistic ideas , Music is like NATURE it Continue Reading

Weekly Playlist #1 : Indian Classical

Here i am sharing the top 10 picks from my weekly INDIAN CLASSICAL playlist which keeps on expanding every day, every week I try to share 1 INDIAN CLASSICAL playlist from my own Streaming library, which contains both north & south India Classical jam sessions, so sit back and enjoy some raags….. 

Music & Psychedelics

Psychedelics and music has a very long relationship since time immortal , psychedelics have always been a very strong part of our ancient traditions , most of the festival’s and ceremonies that are being celebrated by the tribe are usually under the influence of psychedelics, all those herbs which brings Continue Reading

Picking 101 : Thumb Picking

Guitar picking can be bit tricky but let’s discuss how to make it an easy and fun ride, let talk about thumb strumming and picking for the sake of this brief abstract. So playing with thumb is an amazing experience, you can do a lot of crazy stuff with just Continue Reading

Drumming & Dynamism 101

Drumming and dynamism are so interrelated, in this abstract we will see how to add dynamism to your drumming , anyways adding dynamism and subtly to your drumming may take years but anyway that is the right way to go , so if you have just started playing then it Continue Reading

Rhythmic India : Taal ( beat)

Taal or rhythm is a very important part of India classical repertoire, what i have inferred is that the core essential concepts and protocols kinda remains the same across all genres , even-though the linguistic and cultural interpretations can be different. Basically the language of rhythm is universal and there Continue Reading