Hoping it to be a warning shot

Never wondered I would be able to hear leaves rustling; insects screeching and a silence that is a far cry from a big city’s hustle and bustle. Seems nature has taken over us again. Nature does not seem to be revealing the intentions as usual, whether it is a punishment Continue Reading


MUSIC is as INFINITE as TIME… Music is a meta-physical realm with multiple dimensions, it does transcends the concepts of the physical world, it dissolves the boundaries of religion, society , economy, personality and what not, music transcends the limited consumerist and capitalistic ideas , Music is like NATURE it Continue Reading

Get Ready For GYM WAR

1. Be ready before you go to your job/work: Take a few extra minutes and setup your gym supplies/bag before you leave home for the office. Throw in your BCAAs, and your protein or any other spare accessory for instance a spare shirt or a pair of gloves, so that you Continue Reading

Fitness Myths : DEBUNKED

1. According to girls, lifting more weights will make them muscular so they avoid lifting too much weights – Well, this one a classic, I’ve heard too many girls asking their trainers not to make them lift weights coz it’ll make their biceps grow and they might start looking like guys, cracks Continue Reading