Lot of people are totally unaware about consciousness and what the heck it is and to be honest it is thrown around a lot like a buzzword , consciousness is something that everything around us has , the term universal consciousness means all the entities in our consciousness reality is Continue Reading

Get Ready For GYM WAR

1. Be ready before you go to your job/work: Take a few extra minutes and setup your gym supplies/bag before you leave home for the office. Throw in your BCAAs, and your protein or any other spare accessory for instance a spare shirt or a pair of gloves, so that you Continue Reading

Muscle it up for better physical growth

Muscle make up approximately one third to one half of our body weight. They help us in binding together and help us withstand the physical challenges of life. When to expose your muscle to tension and stress say in the gym they get damaged, we are not able to see Continue Reading


These are some of the thoughts by me, it took me a while to render all of them. Lost in the sands of time , i see the truth uncover deep within there was a lie that has to be uncovered , are we dreaming in real world, or are Continue Reading