It doesn’t matter if you are a coder or not, user experience is a domain which will directly effect all the stakeholder, be it the developer, the manger or even the early adopters, so in order to deliver a streamlined and aesthetically refined experience, the USER EXPERIENCE design or UI Continue Reading

5 Best Text editor : Usability & UX

Here i am going to share 5 super cool text editors that i have more than 6+ years of hands on development experience, I have been using them across 100+ projects, for the sake of this listing i am using Usability, intuitiveness, User experience and Degree of openness as 4 Continue Reading


JavaScript is a really popular front end framework to create front end and even back end scalable web and mobile software modules, but learning java script from the beginning can be bit tricky mainly because of so many RESOURCES all around web, so try to maintain the right regime and Continue Reading

Weekly Playlist #1 : Western Classical

Here i am sharing the top 10 picks from my weekly WESTERN CLASSICAL playlist which keeps on expanding every day, every week I try to share 1 WESTERN CLASSICAL playlist from my own Streaming library, which contains Western Neo Classical Jam Sessions, so sit back and enjoy some magic….. 

Top 3 : Carnatic Jams : weekly update

Carnatic music is heavenly and divine, and in this weekly listing i will share 3 of my favorite Carnatic music jam sessions, the 3 jam sessions that i will share will be played upon a certain Carnatic raga, the performance will also integrate several components – primordial sound (nāda), tonal Continue Reading

TOP 3 : North Indian Classical Jam : Week #1

I am going to share my Top 3 favorite of this week, the genre is NORTH INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC, the ragas and taal variations are going to be different in each of the three live sets that i am going to share, sit back and enjoy the stream. Pandit Rupak Continue Reading

5 GREAT QUOTES by Carl Jung : week #1

Carl Jung has been a great influence for me and millions and millions of people all around the world, it is due to his work i was able to understand the concept of shadows, how to integrate it with my persona, since the first time i read CARL JUNG around Continue Reading

5 GREAT Quotes By Jordan B Peterson

Jordan B Peterson has been one of the great influences i ever had in my life, haven’t met him in person, but his work is transformational, i have gone through thousands of pages of his written transcriptions, hour and hours of his lecture and each video/article made me STRONGER AND Continue Reading