Weekly Playlist #1 : Indian Classical

Here i am sharing the top 10 picks from my weekly INDIAN CLASSICAL playlist which keeps on expanding every day, every week I try to share 1 INDIAN CLASSICAL playlist from my own Streaming library, which contains both north & south India Classical jam sessions, so sit back and enjoy some raags….. 

TOP 3 : North Indian Classical Jam : Week #1

I am going to share my Top 3 favorite of this week, the genre is NORTH INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC, the ragas and taal variations are going to be different in each of the three live sets that i am going to share, sit back and enjoy the stream. Pandit Rupak Continue Reading

Rhythmic India : Taal ( beat)

Taal or rhythm is a very important part of India classical repertoire, what i have inferred is that the core essential concepts and protocols kinda remains the same across all genres , even-though the linguistic and cultural interpretations can be different. Basically the language of rhythm is universal and there Continue Reading

CONCEPT 101 : Gharana in indian classical music

As the origin of the Indian classical music is dated back to thousands of years, it is quite evident that the cultural and the geographical heritage is deeply integrated with the core essence of Indian classical music, in older times when the transportation and logistics were really sluggish, in order Continue Reading

Connect with the ancient Raags

Raags are beautiful when played right and each raag has its own deep feel to it , so in order to understand the concept of raags we have to deeply understand how classical music is structured in the Indian vedic paradigm. Raag is not just a scale, it has more Continue Reading