Don’t seek happiness

People are shit crazy pursuing happiness. Career, money, materialistic gains etc. attract people not because of the pain and meaning involved in achieving them but the illusion of happiness, which people attach in achievements. People are working graveyard to attain the happiness high, a high that doesn’t stay long, a Continue Reading

Meaning has no life

How hard is life for you to understand, I guess manifold? We are driven by our biological desires to reproduce and care. Although this seems simple (reproduce and care), but it gives birth to various complexities in our lives. A life is nothing but a collection of games we play Continue Reading


We all want to look cool and attractive,we all want to improve our personal aesthetics blah blah blha, but the point is are we doing anything about it , or are we just sitting and playing PUBG MOBILE, in this abstract i will share 3 YOUTUBE CHANNELS which will tell Continue Reading

Get Ready For GYM WAR

1. Be ready before you go to your job/work: Take a few extra minutes and setup your gym supplies/bag before you leave home for the office. Throw in your BCAAs, and your protein or any other spare accessory for instance a spare shirt or a pair of gloves, so that you Continue Reading

A Great Pre-workout Regime

One of the most important things that almost everyone forgets or doesn’t give an importance to is the importance of a pre-workout meal. Consuming a pre-workout meal makes sure that you get optimum benefits out of your hard work you put in your workout. Following you’ll find nutrition tips and Continue Reading


Coffee is what we love, it is so refreshing and kick starts our morning so well, but there must be something in it that is doing all the magic, and the answer is caffeine, when we drink our first cup, after 10 minutes our blood stream is transporting caffeine to Continue Reading

Fitness Myths : DEBUNKED

1. According to girls, lifting more weights will make them muscular so they avoid lifting too much weights – Well, this one a classic, I’ve heard too many girls asking their trainers not to make them lift weights coz it’ll make their biceps grow and they might start looking like guys, cracks Continue Reading

Muscle it up for better physical growth

Muscle make up approximately one third to one half of our body weight. They help us in binding together and help us withstand the physical challenges of life. When to expose your muscle to tension and stress say in the gym they get damaged, we are not able to see Continue Reading