Spend analysis & how it can new opportunities for Profits.

Procurement department is responsible for making strategic decisions about purchasing. Total public purchase is around $9.5 trillion, which equals 13% of the total global GDP. Thus, CPOs around the world have a huge opportunity to gain a competitive edge by decreasing their purchasing costs. Organizations employ different methodology to decrease Continue Reading

Impact of Social Media on Us

It’s been around 10 years that I’ve been exposed to social media starting from Orkut and then Facebook. It all started after one of my friend suggested me to explore it. I went on to explore and it has been a decade that I was glued to it. I wonder if Continue Reading

Hoping it to be a warning shot

Never wondered I would be able to hear leaves rustling; insects screeching and a silence that is a far cry from a big city’s hustle and bustle. Seems nature has taken over us again. Nature does not seem to be revealing the intentions as usual, whether it is a punishment Continue Reading

Don’t seek happiness

People are shit crazy pursuing happiness. Career, money, materialistic gains etc. attract people not because of the pain and meaning involved in achieving them but the illusion of happiness, which people attach in achievements. People are working graveyard to attain the happiness high, a high that doesn’t stay long, a Continue Reading

Meaning has no life

How hard is life for you to understand, I guess manifold? We are driven by our biological desires to reproduce and care. Although this seems simple (reproduce and care), but it gives birth to various complexities in our lives. A life is nothing but a collection of games we play Continue Reading

Fourier series : A FORMULAE that changed everything

Fourier series is a series which is used in DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING a lot and apart from that if you are into signal and systems or any other geeky electrical and electronic subjects then you have to go through Fourier series, i mean let me tell you Fourier series is Continue Reading

Acoustic Treatment 101

Acoustic treatment is a must for all kind of studio be it home or a big studio, without acoustic treatment the response of the recording room will interfere all the time with input and output signals. Well planned and executed acoustic treatment can bring out the white noise inside the Continue Reading