Acoustic guitar have a nice sound and has an analog feel to it and in order to finesse that acoustic juiciness we have to place the mics at the right distance and at the right alignment. So the best way to record guitar is to have a two mic setup, Continue Reading


Here i am sharing the top 10 picks from my latest RAP playlist which keeps on expanding every day, every week I try to share 1 RAP playlist from my own streaming library, which contains 10 gangstha, alternative, hip-hop, mid west chopper, lo-fi, rap metal & rap rock numbers, so sit back and Continue Reading

Picking 101 : Thumb Picking

Guitar picking can be bit tricky but let’s discuss how to make it an easy and fun ride, let talk about thumb strumming and picking for the sake of this brief abstract. So playing with thumb is an amazing experience, you can do a lot of crazy stuff with just Continue Reading