How Augmented Reality(AR) would change your social media, supply chain and shopping experience.

Technology is infamous for presenting you with virtual(VR) and augmented reality(AR), a world that you customize according to your requirement. AR augments real world with some added features in it to provide you with more information or guidance for reality. E-commerce is breaking all records for coming up with ideas to improve customer satisfaction, with AR you no more have to try your new shoes once they arrive rather you could use your AR app to see whether it fits and suits your requirement.

E-commerce could use AR in not only increasing customer satisfaction but also in making their logistics operations smoother, by giving a chance to customer to try their offerings pre-order to avoid returning of products. IKEA launched an app ‘Ikea Place’ to help people view furniture in their homes through AR. IKEA has a chance of converting the people who uses these app as they have higher satisfaction of having tested different furniture in their place, that suits well with their room surroundings.

Augmented reality will help us in simplifying our driving, flying as well as our daily life experience. Imagine a powerful AR developed to track everything in your home from your A.C to television, which would require an IOT to turn them on or off with a verbal command.

It could prompt you about any device that is running or turned off, as well as their current health and if there is any repair required for them. Imagine how much AR could help warehouse operations become more efficient, whether its about designing warehouses or performing warehouse operations. Manual picking could become highly efficient with the use of AR, which would guide the pickers about the place of inventory for putting and picking as well as about other details of inventory whether it’s fragile, heavy or sharp edged.

These would increase safety, reduce errors and help employees to efficiently manage inventory. DHL has implemented successful pilot projects of AR called ‘Vision Picking’ in their warehouses present in US, Europe and UK. AR has potential to revolutionize transportation by helping drivers get information on their windows, so that they don’t have to use their mobile devices for navigation, order details etc.

Social media can also be one of the beneficiary of AR. Social media having already become a platform for users to exhibit the goodness in life, can give a chance to its users to use AR and help make them images that would have things that they don’t have but would help to increase appeal of picture, whether it is you wearing a new suits or new shoes that you never brought. You would no longer have to buy items to show them off to your online friends and communities. Whether a situation demands a picture of you in sports outfit or a tuxedo you are always ready with an AR app at your disposal. This would enhance already existing images database of social media platforms, to further store pictures of users wearing what would they love to wear.

Marketing firms could use the AR images to understand the customer wants to customize their offerings. It’s like customers telling manufacturers what they would like to wear, have and carry.

A feedback form could not do this trick as it requires unsexy effort of thinking, visualization and filling. But an app that helps users to not only try things but also help in uploading the same picture on their social media platform would confirm to manufacturer the customer demands and help users in increasing their social respect through their online life by being surrounded by things in their images, they like.

With the increase in show off through AR, social media would gain enormously through content creation. Analysing customer preference through pictures, e-commerce could further pinpoint their advertising to the users by not only advertising the brand but also the color and style that customer exhibited in its images.

AR gives us power of increasing our scope of visibility and sensing things that were never seen by either giving us a chance to make our cities smarter or our shopping experience more vivid. Eyes being the sharpest sensing organs would help us to disrupt the status quo like never before using AR.

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