How Technology Transformed Human interaction in social circle.

While watching Matrix a week before, I came across a theory which I always thought about but never knew existed. For those who haven’t watched it, it’s about how A.I.(Artificial Intelligence) becomes so smart that it finally enslaves people and crops them for their survival, machines keep humans trapped under a matrix so that they never wake up from their slumber, they are put in, so that they can be cropped. Now the onus lies on the few aware ones, to protect their last cities of people, which are not yet enslaved by machines. Sounds somewhat similar to how technology these days have trapped us by their charm and a feel good environment, which gives us a chance to live our digital life along with our real life.

Your digital life gives you a chance to customize the environment around your digital life according to your requirements and present to you an environment that suits you the most, by yes definitely using algorithms that are designed to understand your psyche and use that information to customize a setting for you. No unwanted situations, no wanted players, win-win for the user. So no more you have to rely on your social gatherings to share your views, as your digital gathering is now a click away. There is no scope of surprises, as we now always confirm the presence before we visit anyone. Surprises has helped human race to focus our attention and inspire us to look at our situations in new way, as it works on the dopamine system in our brains (Why Humans Need Surprise by Jill Suttie). So, is technology slowly stripping humans from their basic use of human faculties by making us more impatient and making us more prone to instant gratification. Is it slowly enslaving us and giving us permission to do what it wants? Are we slowly falling in the “Matrix”? Behavioural science is now been used to a new level by social media platforms to find ways to influence human behaviour, Facebook made news when it conducted experiments on users data to alter people behaviour, using the rich data of personal information given by users. Facebook ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ have helped marketing firms to understand our reactions on brands, products, events etc., which was impossible to do before the social-media age. Social scraping has helped external agencies to collect information from social-media platforms and use it to customize to you their products and services. Firms wants to invade your privacy covertly to mine your data. Doesn’t it all sound like a wall that is closing on us as time is passing by, aren’t we monitored every time with our costly smartphones?

Technology has helped us overcome difficulties, but it brought with itself good as well as some bad. Having nothing against technology, I just wanted to say that usage of technology should be till to an extent that it doesn’t start crippling us. Once it completely enters into our DNA, the machines would have completely conquered our minds and would keep us enslaved in the “Matrix” forever.

52 / 100

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