Impact of Social Media on Us

It’s been around 10 years that I’ve been exposed to social media starting from Orkut and then Facebook. It all started after one of my friend suggested me to explore it. I went on to explore and it has been a decade that I was glued to it. I wonder if I had given a decade to my passions I would have been at a different place altogether. But as users we are helpless in front of the endless stream of content, which keeps us hooked on it for hours in a day. As per a research we spend on an average 2 hours daily on social media platforms, which not only eats away our 2 hours but also exhaust your brain and eyes to a point that your productivity takes a dip.

According to a Microsoft research, the average attention span of humans declined from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2014, shorter than goldfish attention span of 9 seconds, the very reason you are not able to read books now at the same efficiency you used to read when you were not plagued by social media. Social media monitors your content, which it further analyses to bombard you with content that will keep you on their platform. The more time they make you spend on their platform the more advertisement they get. The whole thing is designed to waste your time and to steal your attention with no return on the time you spend on the social media platform.

The platform is not even serving you any happiness, the posts of your connects having their gala time, feeds into you not only melancholy but also a feeling of being left behind. Rest of the times you are just showing off what you are or maybe pretending to be something you are not, and your self-respect now hangs on the likes, comments and shares you garner. Nah!! that’s not we are, we are not allowed to be us there, either we show off or we consume what others are feeding us. The small trivial things, the distraction machines (cell phones), which are going smarter day by day and making you dumber as days pass by are partner in crime of social media platform. Wonder how many apps we would have had had there been no social media. Smartphones had ensured that you stay on social media even when you are away from your computer, what’s next possible device to grab your attention? wrist-watch?? Yes!! and then they will find something else to distract you more.

It’s time we limit Social Media or leave it, we don’t want¬†algorithms to give us a feeling of wellbeing and let our attention span¬†drop beyond unimaginable levels, do we?

Social media is a tool and can be leveraged in millions of way to grow, millions of people are now millionaire due to social media, millions are being able to date on social media , I mean if you look at the use case of social media it can be endless and once you understand the tool real well and leverage it for your growth and sucess then it will turn into your friend, banning or boycott is not an option, just like we use guns , we have to use these super power communication tool to drive productivity and growth.

62 / 100

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