Hoping it to be a warning shot

Never wondered I would be able to hear leaves rustling; insects screeching and a silence that is a far cry from a big city’s hustle and bustle. Seems nature has taken over us again.

Nature does not seem to be revealing the intentions as usual, whether it is a punishment or an exhibition. Nature has always been quite in its intention, surprising and driving changes to keep the world moving. Nobody seems to be sure of the divine plan, no scientific research can help us decrypt the ultimate plan.

We are contained in our limited world, able to decode a couple of nature tricks and being proud of that. But nobody seems to know where nature is taking us.

Humans have always been keen on possessing objects. We left no stone unturned to temper with the nature and extract it for our pleasure. But is human race to be blamed for it, what else could have gotten our social systems running.

This seems to be inevitable considering our mental capacity to be able to concentrate on the things nearest to us i.e. nature. We have been tempering with the equilibrium only to have one day nature take over and temper with our race. As E.F. Schumacher said, “in our victory in our battle against nature we will find ourselves on the losing side.”

We are forgetting that if we would want to thrive here, nature should be our number one ally. But we seem to be neglecting this thought since long. And here we are knocked down by nature, hopefully a warning shot this time.

Do we need to re-think our systems, do we need to start again, or should we just ignore this warning shot? We are increasingly living of nature’s capital, not its annual income.

We have been against the symbiotic relation between us and the nature. It is always a give and take relationship, but we have been on the receiving end for a long time. Even a cut down of human activities for a couple of days could help nature regain itself, think about what difference it would make if we also contribute in the recovery.

We get to be thinking fast on becoming an ally of nature or be ready to be left behind one day. For this is the battle where we are on the weaker side.
Past few days has taught us that we can survive without the riches, that we can still have a meaningful existence without tempering the Mother Nature. But many have suffered too, with the unimaginable impact on labor market.

If this is a warning shot and it has an ability to jam our systems, think about the repercussions of a big blow, which would have an impact not just on our labor markets but also social systems. Humans are highly dependent on labor markets and social systems to organize themselves; the mayhem could go in a long way to endanger our existence.

Climatic modification mixed with challenging economic, political, or social conditions can heighten the risk of conflict within and among countries. Climate change can act as a catalyst to further destabilize us. Stressors such as poverty, political instability, and crime are magnified by increased droughts, floods, or heat waves.

We get to clearly see the links that connects our society with the nature. We have been ignorant of links, boasting our technology of being capable to get us through in any situation. But this time, we must re-think our systems. 

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