Don’t seek happiness

People are shit crazy pursuing happiness. Career, money, materialistic gains etc. attract people not because of the pain and meaning involved in achieving them but the illusion of happiness, which people attach in achievements. People are working graveyard to attain the happiness high, a high that doesn’t stay long, a high that would require more stimulus next time to be as effective as the first time.

Happiness is a moment post which you need more happiness, it’s a never-ending trap that keeps you running behind useless pursuits. Happiness is elusive and that’s the reason human race is going nuts to achieve it, just as we consider any rarity a treasure. Most of the brands thrive on creating an illusion of giving you happiness, people are hungry for happiness and that they would spend exorbitant amounts just to get a dose of happiness from material things.

So, shouldn’t you seek happiness in life? Wouldn’t you be motivated at all if you stop pursuing happiness? Well, that’s a tricky situation as pursuit of happiness keeps you on toes to achieve new milestones in life, it can be one of the reasons of advancement in human society. Humans are highly driven by the validation they receive in life for the progress they make and some of this validation gets translated into happiness that is a temporal window of the happy high. But like any addiction this high program you to pursue it more and keeps you in the vicious cycle.

Then could we safely say that we should stop seeking happiness in life? Well we could start getting clarity in life when we would stop seeking happiness, for we would not be disillusioned by things that just promise happiness. It would require us to let go of happiness temptations and it could go a long way in filling our life with meaning. Perhaps, it will fill the irrational void in our intellect with sense and rationality. It could turn our society into an understanding, highly utilitarian, non-nonsensical society. But it would make us less colorful for our society would banish the useless customs and highly focus on extracting meaning from every possible task and thing.

But in this world of endless possibilities, we would be easily wasted if we keep pursuing happiness. Peace and content keep you alive in the moment, they let you feel and live in the moment you are in. Happiness will always keep you hanging in pleasant memories or make you think of how to attain it in future. Life is drifting fast and most of us haven’t figured out how to be content with it. Life isn’t meant to be always running in a rat race, it is meant to be cherished and endlessly pursuing happiness would not let you stop and observe the life as it is.

Happiness fades reality by embellishing it. Peace and content presents the reality as it is.

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