Meaning has no life

How hard is life for you to understand, I guess manifold? We are driven by our biological desires to reproduce and care. Although this seems simple (reproduce and care), but it gives birth to various complexities in our lives. A life is nothing but a collection of games we play with each other to attain maximum pleasure and minimize pain, for pleasure is rewarding to your neural circuitry.

Life is painful and life is pleasurable, but what is the real essence of life? Human brain categorizes moments as pleasurable or painful, but this says nothing about the reality. Reality which surrounds us all the time, reality that tells us that all these stories that we fabricate are make believe. There is love but all in mind, there is hatred but all in mind, there is friendship but all in mind, there is relationship but all in mind. This doesn’t budge the reality that we all are here to care and reproduce, that all our brain and bodily functions are designed to reward us for anything that leads us to reproduce and care. Can we then safely say that our soul is a prisoner in our body: soul that is constantly manipulated by our bodily functions to believe in make-believe stories. Human brain is designed to be influenced by stories easily than facts stated in plain language. That’s probably the reason why story tellers are highly compensated in human societies. Take example of any famous politician or even a CEO, they are skilled in creating and telling stories that makes people stick to their version of reality. Had influencers talked in just plain facts, it would have been difficult to align people to their vision. But, are these stories for the greater good of human race or are they crafted for greater good of few? This is debatable as what is good is highly subjective. There seems to be no universality in the world, we as a race are driven towards a certain path because some story has convinced us that it is the path to be followed. Then can it be said that human race has no eternal purpose of their existence, two given purpose are reproducing and caring but what greater good in terms of morality does it brings to us at the end. Or can we say that basic drives lead to further complications in life, take for an example of Digital Electronics, at the end it all boils down to 0(off) or 1(on) but these two states are able to create complexity that is able to drive the world today, which heavily relies on electronics. So does all emotions, states etc. are by-products of the result, which is to reproduce and care, possibly yes! Would you then ever like to break from these shackles and see the world the way you want to see and not how your bodily drives want you to see. The answer can be safely no, as human consciousness works in forms of stories, and you always need a story to make sense of your life. Meditation can provide you a small window for escape, but ultimately to live in the society you will have to live in a story or be a recluse like Buddha. We would always need stories to keep humans going, for if we forego our bodily desires then the fabric of human advancement would come to a halt.
I encourage you to challenge me where you find it fitting.
-Abi Hans

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