Creativity and us

Creativity helps us to create and imagine the unknown. Creativity helps our brain to make new neural connections every day thus expanding our creative horizon and let us think beyond the physical realm.

Our five senses integrate the information to be processed by our brain, the information can be manipulated according to our needs, and creativity help us to manipulate these data sets of sensory information into a materialistic or a meta-physical form.

The frontal and parietal association regions are majorly involved in creative processes, the basal ganglia (automatic habitual action), occipital cortex (vision), or the cerebellum (motor coordination) works in co-ordination to manifest creative processes.

Creativity has a rather long subjective explanation as compared to an objectified definition. Creativity is all around us, the nature is creative and we are all are part of nature so we all are render via a creative process.

Everyone can be creative in different domains, a cook can be creative with his food, a musician with his or her instruments etc.

Problem solving is directly linked to creativity as Creativity is a whole-brain process, and creativity is maximized when information, knowledge, skills are leveraged efficiently at the right scale.

Creativity is directly linked with higher productivity and deep observance power only where the subject is self-disciplined and conscience else it can backfire and can trigger a downward spiral.

Basically there are 3 Types of networks that are associated with Creativity.

 1) The Attention Control Network – it help us to maintain focus on a particular task , usually when we are stuck in a complex problem , reading listening & riding.

 2)The Imagination Network –  when we concentrate on the task , we imagine about the future scenarios based on the careful analysis of the memories, The Imagination Network help us to visualize the task in a future timeline and help us derive a bigger picture.

 3) The Attention Flexibility Network – this network switches between the Attention Control Network and Imagination Network, toggling between both of them in order to monitor what is going around us and inside our brain. The Attention Flexibility Network is responsible to Maintain the right balance between the two above mentioned networks.

Flexibility of the thought process can be achieved through creative thinking, which can open your brain to new ideas of doing things.

If you are a creative person with a good IQ level then you will be gifted with sharp cognitive abilities and a mind which can think out of the box in a logical physical framework or even in a metaphysical framework.

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