KASOL the Amsterdam of INDIA

Kasol is an amazing place to visit and if you love Mary j then it is real good option, i mean kasol is filled with beautiful landscapes, good mountain point and it has some real good cafes to chill.

It is around 42 km from Kullu and is one of the biggest attraction for backpackers, it has low level of population which makes it more amazing, i mean if you are heading to kasol then you can embark some really cool treks which kinda starts from kasol for eg Sarpass, Yanker Pass, Pin Parbati Pass, Khirganga , these treks are breathtaking and pretty daunting for fatties so better get in shaped if you wanna embark these kick ass treks.

How to reach?

See i use to take a long bike ride from Delhi, which take a lot of time but totally worth it, you can take a flight and can reach the nearest airport which i think is at BHUNTAR, it is around 378Km from NEW DELHI, so if you are heading by car then you will take atleast 10 hours or may be less totally depends how crazily you are driving .

The easiest way is to take a bus to KULLU from Kashmiri Gate ISBT, just take a cab from Kullu to Kasol, anyways the MARY J scene is kinda chill in kasol so get high and vibe in..


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