Thanks to the power of social media now the youtube and other platforms are just filled with SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS or i will rather say WARRIOR at DAY and RATS by night, i mean look at the way they are trying to force people to believe in what they want, and as far as i can see on internet it is not going well, you can lean to LEFT it is totally rad, but SJW are kinda creating lot of noizeeeee.

I mean you make a post about how to love the BLACK COFFEE and you will flooded with social justice warriors calling you a white supremacist , a rich jew, a privileged one etc etc!!

I mean really who connects coffee with black people, that is so absurd, but why the heck this pseudo non intellectual successful social justice warriors are all over the internet, i know the reason why, because it is god damn easy to write a post or to create a video then to legally or morally take a physical action in the real world, for eg going to parades, going to meet the family of the victim, helping the victim family both financially and emotionally, yes they just want to skip all that boring stuff and just want to get into the NUMBERS GAME , a.k.a THE FOLLOWER huuu yeahhh.

So i am gonna share 3 videos, totally cringe worthy , lot of cringe so put on your cringe protection kit and CRINGE ON!!!

68 / 100

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