Will there ever be another composer like Beethoven, Mozart, or Bach?

When it comes to classical composers how can you say he is better or she is better, or he is bad or she is bad, i mean musicians do the job that is to play music, there is no bad or good music as far as i am concerned i mean yes, if you are off the tempo, or lets say you are out of tune then yes people may say you suck.

A professional musician or a composer is a very skilled individual in musical domain, i mean a professional session musician have at-least 6000-7000+ hours of practice and in some cases more then 10k and that adds beauty and vibrancy to their performance

So lot of people are comparing new age neo classical musician to the classical pianist from the romantic era, that kinda comparison is very absurd because you simply cannot compare two super talented , genius musician who are from different era , their sonic manifestation will be different.

Its really hard to say who is good or who is bad, because music is all about connect and narrating a non linear or linear timeline through sound waves in a space, music is meta-physical as well as physical in nature, it is like electromagnetism or gravity and multiple other laws of nature, because according to string theory the strings are vibrating at a certain frequency, both have frequencies, hence both are rendering music, and that is the music of creation.

Every band has a certain sound and that is there signature, same goes with any classical composer you know just by listening about who is playing, every musician has its own dynamism and creative manifestation, it is more like every musician has its own MUSICAL DNA.

The classical composers we all know usually represent 1 percent of the working composer during that era, we haven’t heard all of them, but the similar names that are amplified over the time are not close to the number of working composer during that era, we have heard may be around 5% of their actual compositions.

The work by these great composers have been amplified over time through institutionalization—students spend years in music school learning about these exemplars and then they spread all the info to the people they know, so it kinda become the part of the cultural DNA—this is only one part of the equation the second part of the equation is the evolution of media , i first heard beethoven via youtube and i bet millions of other did aswell, so with the advent of media, television shows and commercials, motion pictures, video games, and recordings of all kind of people who are now able to perform and stream the work of these titans and virally spread the content across internet.

Mozart during his peak, around the year 1780 must be doing all this for few thousand people that know him and these people are just around him, by this i mean people from the same district or may be few more districts around, during old skool era all the musician were area specific, nobody would have an idea about any super amazing Russian pianist making charts in a small town of Russia, i mean the whole system was very decentralized , the whole scene was decentralized and now obviously all these classical numbers have been streamed billions of times, billions of people have listened to em.

It was a skill and power based industry back then, now it is more about understanding the audience what they like, pick up a keyword and make a song about it, i mean you dont have to be a good singer anymore to make it to the charts, you know why THANKS TO AUTO TUNE, all the modern pop stars are banking on it, nobody had youtube back then or even a 4K camera to record some cool video with lambo and hot chicks in the background.

If you are looking for composers who sound like your old favorites, then this is a separate issue altogether. Every musician has its own sound and style, so if you want to hear someone who sounds like bach then best of luck with that , the best you can do is to search for a neo classical player who has some compositions revolving around the same key and same tempo, it is just like saying i want to see a duplicate of myself what are the odds of that, one in a billion may be.

Lot of amazing producers and musicians out there who are making peanuts are writing amazing music that totally go unnoticed because they cant compete with million dollar marketing campaigns, this is a world of viral videos, and as far as i know there is an abundance of wonderful music written every year, just waiting for you to discover it may be the cloud will not promote it because it is not trending, it does not mean it is not there, it is there .

Music is not about who can play it fast , or who can look cool, music is a way deeper connect, mozart made music because he was connected to it, he loved each moment when he was composing he just love it, musician share there emotions and ideas through music, music is absolute.

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