Kurt is a legend and y’all better know that, but these are few crazy things that he had done, i mean nothing as compared to really cool stuff he did on stage but let’s learn some fun facts about him.

I mean when i think of nirvana , for me as a child listening to them it was more of a liberation, i mean nirvana liberated me, i dont know how but they did, they always had that crazy energy that just made me love them more and more day by day.

Here are some of the cool moments that KURT did when he was a part of NRIVANA.

1)Tried lot of band names

Before going for Nirvana, the whole band had tried many stage names and like Fecal matter, Ted Ed Fred, Skid Row and Pen Chap Chew.

2. Kurt Cobain used to worked as a janitor

After Cobain dropped out of Weatherwax High, he started to work as a janitor in the same school. The music video of “Smells like teen spirit” had a dancing janitor in it which is kinda insider joke.

3. Kurt Cobain’s childhood was filled with misery

He had spent his childhood homeless and under the bridge. But like always people didn’t believe his story of living under a bridge. Cobain had actually spent most of his teenage days in the waiting rooms and different places as he was homeless for quite a long time, less food, no shelter, stomach pain and what not, he has endured a lot.

4. Kurt just love pets

Kurt loved animals. He had a cat named Melvin and his rat was named Kitty. He also had lots of turtles aswell.

5. Once Kurt requested a local radio station to play his own song!

Kurt did a really cool thing, he called up the radio station and requested them to play his own song as they didn’t played it before, it was during the Nirvana’s first single “Love Buzz” was released.

6. An actual rape was inspiration behind the song “Polly”

Kurt Cobain wrote “Polly” after he read an article about the rape of a 14 year old girl, on which Bob Dylan commented “That kid has a heart”.

7. Kurt’s had a crazy stomach problem

Kurt Cobain suffered from chronic stomach pain for a long time. Even though after going through lot of medical procedures he didn’t got any relief, as a result it increased his dependency on heroine.

8. When Kurt was forced to live in a car!

After recording the album “Nevermind”, Kurt came back to his home and found out that he had been evicted from his home. So, he was forced to live in his car for few weeks.

10. Girl or Boy?

The iconic baby picture from the album NEVERMIND was actually taken twice, once with a baby boy and another with a baby girl. But the record label wanted a male kid picture and they got it!

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