Life is a big journey, Love it and live it the way you want.

Being motivated is kinda tuff when the conditions are bad, by this i mean there are lot of times when we totally fail, due to which we feel really sad and that is totally legit, i mean look at us what are we, we are human beings and all of us have emotions and we have certain ways to express it.

Motivation is not the ultimate answer that we all are looking for the ultimate answer is the drive and love for something, i mean may be you love your job, but who knows, ask this question to yourself that do you love slaving around for someone or not, and when the answer is no i dont want to slave around for someone , just doing it because it gets me food, shelter and some other things then obviously you are not doing justice to yourself.

The point that i am trying to make is not that you stop doing your job, as a matter of fact do as much work as you can but at the same time ask yourself is it what you really want or you have to be put into this condition because of your past and present database and circumstances, if it is so then reevaluate your life and do things that you really love to do and you dont have to add money factor to it, do if for yourself, for the peace, for the love of it.

Money is needed to survive in this world as it renders home, food and fulfills our desires, but it is totally not needed if you are doing something that you love, do job for money i get it, but do the stuff you love for the sake of it, let the consequence of it be faded away, let the questions be blurred and just do whatever you love to do for the sake of doing it, not thinking about what will you get from it, by this i mean do it for the love of it.

Once you start doing it you will see that it will liberate you, it will make you feel good about yourself, it doesnt matter if your a painter , traveler or a musician love has to do nothing with money, i just have to do with you and what you love, dont add any kind of weird philosophy in it , as soon as it doesnt have a philosophy it will be pure as soon as you put anybody else philosophy in it , it may appear its working it not, you will loose the touch between you and what you love and the deep connect that you established in the first place.

Dont try, just do it, be a version of yourself who can survive in the current paradigm but at the same time can do somethings that empowers you from within, all the other social philosophy aside it doesnt matter if you are good at it or bad at it, it doesn’t matter who likes it who does not as long it make you happy do it, dont live life on other people terms, live life in your own terms and grow spiritually as much as you can.

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