A digital audio workstation is need of the day, nowadays it is easy just install and play, if you got 4gb+ of ram.

Now we have got lot of cool players in the game with kick ass feature and all that using JAVASCRIPT damnnnnnnn.

In this abstract i am gonna share 5 online DAW , Yes online, you just need to have a browser and you are good to go, WEB TECHNOLOGIES MY FRIEND.

What is an online DAW?

A DAW is a music recording and sequencing software program that runs in your browser . Online DAWs are going to digitally process files entirely in the cloud servers and wont require any computational power from your RAM . They provide cross platform compatibility it means now you can create on whatever device that can run a WEB BROWSER.

Thanks to the fast/ high bandwidth internet with great uptime and downtime we can process audio at a good rendition rate and it is simply amazing, giving everyone of us a chance to create and spread music.

I have been a big fan of online daw and synths i mean come on it is so fast and flexible. i mean just power up your tablet or phone and then create, it is as simple as this, what else you want and anyways if you are looking for a simple and less complicated way to creating music then online DAW are the best options you have got.

If you’re looking for a simple way to create music and don’t want to bother learning a dedicated production program, an online DAW might be for you.

Online daws are good options but you cant compare TRADITIONAL DAWS when it comes to power, stability, flexibility , i mean totally not comparable.

Creating web technologies have a certain limitation and that is the latency, the latency can he high in the online daw and the second biggest factor is computational power, the online cloud has a high latency and it is so dependent on the bandwidth of the connection, so whatever processing you are carrying out it is dependent on the bandwidth of the signal, so if you got slow internet then BEST OF LUCK!!!

In the real production and mixing game real DAW have a edge which can never ever be taken away by an online DAW, come on i mean all the professionals in the game will be using some or the other online daw but if you ask em they are gonna say , it is more of a sketch book but the real painting is gonna be done is a real DAW like FL, ABELTON, LOGIc, PRO……

So without wasting much of your time, here’s the list of the 6 best online DAWs:

1. Soundtrap

soundtrap online daw

Soundtrap is cross platform collaborative music recording studio

Soundtrap is integrated with Powerful collaborative tools and crazy amount of Features like video calling and Google Classroom etc, i will recommend it for beginners, it is epic but yeah has it’s own limitation, not a good option for real life production scenarios.

2. Amped Studio

amped studio online daw

Amped Studio is a online DAW made for producers to create a sketch quickly. I have used it so many times and i still use it, because when you have idea and you dont have your daw with you, it can jaw down that idea real well, it has so many cool features, i gotta say this, it is a powerful daw and making a powerful DAW suing web technologies is a daunting task so hats off to the development team,

Amped Studio also features WAMs(“Web Audio Module”). Several free WAMs are available on Amped Studio, but more WAMs are available for download at wam.fm.

Amped Studio has got all the stuff you need for eg compressor, limiter, gate, expander etc etc. It runs on a freemium model

3. Soundation

soundation online daw

Soundation is a cool online DAW with a nice step sequencer. I has lot of free loops , i think around 700+ and has 5 synths, which is really good considering it is an online DAW, it has four sample players and has around 14 real time effects to choose from and thus it makes is a powerful online daw, i mean what else do you want when you got ALL THE DSP POWER IN YA HANDDDDDDDDD!!

Sound-station also run on a freemium model, i kinda used the free version but i know that the paid account has more benefits that include 12000+ loops and samples and good EQ and dynamic section.

4. Audio Tool

audio tool online daw

Audio Tool is an online DAW it has a good workflow, i loved the modular workflow it has , kinda gives an old skool feel to it.

Audio Tool has a library of over 250,000 samples, and 50000 device presets (Community based library). It also has lot of cool effects, synthesizers and drum machines.

Audio Tool is free, hence making it one of the most valuable online DAWs on this list.

5. Bandlab

bandlab online daw

Bandlab is a great DAW, it offers multi platform accessibility. They also have a cool hardware unit, which i will not buy, as i am not concerned what it can do. Bandlab do offers collaboration tools like video conferencing, and messaging, which is kinda epic if you and your pals are geeking out in it.

6. Audio Sauna

audio sauna

Audio Sauna is an online DAW with really cool synthesizers and a powerful sampler. It doesn’t support audio channels, i mean i use it for sampling and synth purposes.

It has a pretty cool analog style synthesizer and a FM synth. Both synthesizers come loaded with presets and offers a variety of customizable parameters.

In the end i would like to say that all of them are great options, use em first and see for yourself, i have used em a lot and that is why i wrote this article, they all are epic and helped me a lot in developing rough sketches for production.

79 / 100

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