Lo-fi ahhh, the name is so beautiful and so does is the sound, i love lo-fi it just give me that dreamy kinda feel and at the same time it is so relaxing, i mean it doesnt have the uplifting punch but at the same time it has that, i mean lo-fi is like being sad but not being sad, i dont know how to express it, lo-fi is so subjective in nature, but anyways there is a way we can create the lo-fi kinda vintage feel, and that is via using the right plugin and production process.

See if you are producing lo-fi then you gotta change your template, by this i mean every production style will have its own production template, techno, hip hop, trap etc etc and you gotta make a new cool vibey kinda template for lofi , the point of using different production template in your DAW is to make your life easy and be save lot of time.

For eg if the client comes and he wants to groove in and he want a cool trap kinda beat, and he is just waiting and waiting come on, he will say no and go away sooner or later, the only way to stop em is to get a template so fire up the freaking template and you got all the sounds you need to fire up your beat, different template for different genres is must without the temple best of luck in the professional scene because it is just waste of time, lot of kick, snare and hit hat sample will not go with all the genres, most of these sample are genre specific and why to waste time to sound design all of them just to fit in your requirements, try to save time, time in money, broda and sistaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Anyways i am share few LO-FI plugins which i have used and which gave me real good result i mean i actually got what i wanted and it is just amazing, i mean using these plugins will just make your life easy, you will get into the lo-fi production workflow and when it comes the sound quality the processing quality it is simply phenomenal.

1) Goodhertz Vulf

goodhertz vulf compressor

Goodhertz Vulf is a compressor plugin that can be used to create kick ass lofi feel. It runs on “Vinyl Sim” algorithm from the vintage Boss SP303 sampler. I mean it enough to get a good lo-fi vibe and as you can see it is a pretty powerful compressor, it has been used by many famous producers aswell, so add this to your kitty if you got some dough.

2. XLN Audio RC-20 Retro Color

xln audio rc-20 retro color

XLN Audio’s RC-20 Retro Color is a good lo-fi plugin and it is equipped with six module suite of sonic degradation tools, basically now you can take down under-sampling to next level

It has got everything you need for the lo-fi game be it noise, pitch modulation, overdrive, bit reduction, ambience, and tape artifacts all the cool stuff in one plugin which is pretty dope.

3. Izotope Vinyl

Izotope Vinyl

Izotope Vinyl is one of my favorite lo-fi plugin it is imply amazing, it does the job so well.

Vinyl can render all the charm of the old skool LP, you know what i mean , that mechanical and electrical noise, dust, scratches from the old ass tape machine can now be part of your lofi production with ease.

I loved the decade switch that can take down your mix to the memory lane, yeah you can choose what decade you wanna dive into and boom!!

4. Waves Reel ADT

Waves Reel ADT

Waves Reel ADT is good for lo-fi, it has old school tape textures with sweet compression, ADT is a good feature where you can thicken the vocal track, i mean it is better then overdubbing and it is a good technique all these cool techniques have been invented by Abbey road engineers and i got to give it to them they all still rocks.

I mean the tape chorus effect is simply phenomenal in it. You can render wow and flutter which is a more clear and defined way and that is why i had used it a lot to get that cool feel in.

5. Klevgr DAW Cassette

Klevgr DAW Cassette

Klevgr DAW Cassette is a minimal plugin for cassette tapes effect, it is kinda nostalgic in feel, i mean who does not love the cassette feel. .

DAW Cassette is a easy to use and it doesn’t have fancy knobs and shytttt, it is plain and simple and that is what love about it. you can toggle between tape stock type to hear the difference between chrome, metal and plastic tapes.

6. D16 Decimort 2

D16 Decimort

D16 Decimort 2 is a bit crusher, or let say down sampler, so you can get the low fi kinda feel as soon as you down-sample any of your track, as the sampling frequency has to be double of the signal frequency, this relation is called the NQUIST rate. It has a retro sampler vibe and that is what it makes it a good fit for lofi music, it is a good option for adding that retro character and color to your signal.

Lot of digital artificate to choose from and the best part is you can control the quantization, depth, dithering, resampling frequency and can emulate any vintage AD/DA with it.

65 / 100

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