Synth VSTs are the game changer i mean in this article i am sharing 3 of em that you can download free of cost and they are pretty powerful.

I mean if you are a hardware geek then the Powerful synthesis via hardware is gonna cost you lot of money but anyways it is always good deal to buy a hardware if you can afford it…

Because now the digital technology is going off the charts, the DSP is getting way more efficient day by day, so many high IQ developers in the VST SCENE have made it possible to acess to a whole new array of synth sounds for FREEEEE!!!!

Whatever you want, you want to have crazy mid range, or crazy fat bass sound they got it covered, these crazy online synths modules cover everything from ambient pads to massive sub bass.

Just check out the list below , i dont share what i dont use, i have used em tested em and they are epic, i will share atleast 5-6 more in the follow up articles after testing them, so please wait sir !

Anyways these are the 3 synths that i loved using and they are pretty powerful, they cover a wide range of production utilities, lot of sounds and possibilities, go grab on em and kick some a$$.

1. Digital Suburban Dexed

dexed free synth vst

Dexed is a freeware FM synthesizer based on the legendary Yamaha DX7. I mean look at the control panel it is huge, you got everything covered in this console, A+ for developing these super crazy emulation.

This great free synth VST is perfect for percussive sounds like tines and mallets as well as icy pads or aggressive distorted basses, basically you got it all covered, the level of control is supper massive in this rig, and this rig rings real well.

2. Matt Tytel Helm

matt tytel helm free synth vst

Helm is a two oscillator subtractive synth and it is kinda easy to use because of more visual feel to it, look at the graphs and shyt it just makes the job super easy, and i am big fan of visual based plugins just makes my life easy and production super easy and fun.

It’s is super cool for subtraction synthesis and you better check it out if you are more graph oriented like me when it comes to production, it has an amazing visual appeal and it is darn smooth, love the controls and the best part is you can tweak the graphs as you want, damnnnn!

3. u-He Tyrell N6

u-he tyrell n6 free synth vst

u-He Tyrell N6 is a stylish synth with bold analog sound and simple workflow.

It has a good preset library and modulation matrix , plus it is equipped with good modes like the unison mode, loopable envelopes and built in overdrive.

Overall, Tyrell N6 is a quality freeware synth to render high quality production, i mean if you are into sound designing this can be super nice add on for ya, it has so much of feel and i just love the GUI, it has that beautiful analog look to it.

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