Today I was just hanging out with my musician friends . Just browsing the internet, nothing special. My friend started playing music, as he normally does, just hitting some generic riffs and shytttt.

He is into rock and grunge, While I enjoy jazz and neo classical a lot, He is kinda other way around, he likes the classical pieces but totally not into them even though he is pretty good with guitar or at-least riffing.

So he asked me about what he was playing, more of statement then a question ,so i replied what it sounded like which was something like a kind of experimental indie song. And then he told he it was a weird kind of cover he just did of a song by pink floyd, he changed the strumming pattern, changed the octaves, added few more notes , he was in the scale the whole time, switched the solo completely, i have to give it him it sounded amazing and i totally thought that it is not his song, and if was kinda right but wrong at the same time.

The point i wanna make here is not that, i totally sucked at guessing what he just did, but the feel that a piece of composition carries with it has no label attached to it.

Even though i am big fan of floyd i failed to get it, i mean he changed a lot of meta data of the song and it sound different even the tempo was not the same, but when he told me that then i realized he was so right and we listened to the track again and i was like YEAH MAN YOU ARE RIGHT , i does sounds like floyd!!

A lot of people kinda make the same mistakes with classical. If i play Mozart on piano lot of people say it is Beethoven. I mean it took me a while to learn it on piano and i am still learning it but as a musician who is deeply connected to both of them could never confuse the two, in my mind they have totally different sounds. But, for my friends who are really good musician but dont think the same way musically will not get the difference.

For someone who is inclined toward a certain genre will always try to unfold all the other genres taking his/her favorite genre as reference, when it comes to music, it is more like colors, you can feel them, you can see them yet you cant decipher what the heck is happening.

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