In order to be successful in life we have to fight our demons , the fear of the failure is the biggest enemy that we have to defy.

we have to erase the fear of failure because no matter what failure is inevitable it is the part of the system and due to which we all are in fear of looking  bad, fear of getting rejected, fear of being poor, fear of society , fear of death and the list goes on ,

as the number of insecurity can be infinite the number of things we can fear is infinite and which is not a good deal in the long run, imagine being so fearful to even take any constructive action, that is not good, that i going in the downward spiral.

we can’t succeed if we are weak and fearful at all times , fear makes us alert but in order to be on the right path we have to gradually transform those inactive fears into postie productive actions , those productive and profitable actions will help us to diminish our fear and move towards in a better way, any pave our way towards a more welcoming reality.

we are modern day human being and thanks to the media and other distribution channels that supply us with constant insecurities revolving around our desires, we feel helpless and very demotivated most of the time, the easiest way to get out of this is to mute the media and the negative people around you, people will say what they want to say, media will show what it wants to show, but you should train yourself not to succumb to any of this.

we are being constantly programmed to be what we are not,  we have to acknowledge this fact and work towards total de-programming.

Think about this, why are we stressed all the time even if we are doing good financially , why are we stressed all the time when we stuff, because the satisfaction in not outside it is within us.

The point that will make you strong and fearful is knowing the real you, knowing your real weakness, knowing your actual desire and then acknowledging them as it is.

happiness is a state of life, the stable , the more control you have over your mind , the better the control you will have over your environment the more better internal and external world you can render.

Your mind creates both your conscious and subconscious realities.
Thoughts have the power to manifest itself only and only when you have the desire to take what you want from the universe by devoting the right amount of energy, leveraging the right skill and being persistent.

Once you become aware of yourself then fighting the demons outside wont be a difficult job.

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