Do realize that all the failures we have in our life is self inflicted , the world is going to act the way it wants , the external conditions are going to manifest as it is meant to be , but what we are and what action we are going to take can be optimized to a better state where we can encounter less failures.

You can Imagine failure as a strict teacher who pokes you when you are diverted from your path of success and give you a reality check about your current position, if you work real hard for real long you will get what you want but if you live in the fear of failure before you even take the first step, you may never start a great journey.

when we were kids we all didn’t magically learned how to walk, talk or to ride a bike , we tried playfully , failed thousands of time , cryed thousands of time but in the end we learned how to walk , talk or even ride a bike.

We all have to realize this fact that failure is a part of our growth mechanism, if we expect something from the universe , we have to be ready to embark a journey where we can face the worst of the worst

In order to find stability in your life you better be ready to enter the chaos, because just like orderliness is important the introduction of the right amount of chaos in life is very important to grow and move ahead.

when you are lonely and broke , when life seems meaningless and hard to tackle , that is the time when  you are like a warrior and your life is a battleground, you ain’t got nothing to lose , you ain’t got any misconception about yourself , you ain’t got the fear of death , you are invincible because it is you and only you at that moment , the only way out  is to rise up above the ashes , March like a warrior , take calculated steps and win the war , there is nothing to lose nothing to win , nobody will be there when you die , it’s you and only you from the beginning to the end who had to conquer the demons of the mind and reach to the top.

Failure is a guru, it gives us a reality check, grow from your failure and try not to make the same mistakes again, because if you do, then you are already aware of the repercussions of it.

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