Music is a meta-physical realm with multiple dimensions, it does transcends the concepts of the physical world, it dissolves the boundaries of religion, society , economy, personality and what not, music transcends the limited consumerist and capitalistic ideas , Music is like NATURE it can create places to get lost in, why dont you stfu! and JUST DANCE TILL YOU PASS OUT!!

Dance and music are so deeply integrate and it has been like this for thousands and thousands of year , dance and music evolved together, you can dance without music that is possible but what happens when you dance with music , when you dance with music , music carries you , it make you flow , it creates spaces where you can get lost and then find yourself, it is a subjective spiritual journey that a musician or a dance embarks and thus journey does have an infinite part.

Dance it about the flow , dance is about the emotions, about the theme and the life flow, it is a holistic mind, body and soul integration just like music , when I dance , when I play music intensely the core feeling is mere meditative and the more you stretch it the more you can feel it , both dance and music are deeply integrated with humanity for thousands and thousands of years, both dance and music has been a corner stone in our evolution, we still dance , we still play music , we still paint , now due to advent in technology we may have hundreds of musical genres, hundreds of ways to dance and jive , and hundred of ways to paint or render visual art but it doest matter in how many ways you express, it just add beauty and versatility to the beautiful art form that we call dance and music.

54 / 100

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