Choosing the right guitar for you

Choosing the right guitar can be bit tricky so lets sort out this issue once it for all, in this briefing i will throw some light on how to find the right guitar for you .

Firstly, fell the guitar ,hold it firm, shake it a bit , see if it fits well or not , see if it is too large or too small for you, hold the guitar comfortably just like you buy stuff to wear feel it and see if you can create some magic with it.

Secondly , strum and feel the sound , play a minor chord and feel if it sound pleasing or not, then play d minor , then play c major and then d , so basically play 2 minor and 2 major chords , by observing the sound you will be able to gauge the tonality, texture, color and feel of the guitar.

Thirdly , check the action and relief of the fret board, if the action is too high will result in higher playing inertia , and on the contrary if the action is too low will result in fret buzz, as action and relief ate kinds opposite to each other hence finding the right guitar with the right action and relief balance us must .

Fourth, check the tuning forks and the neck, check them by knocking on them with up and down motion, knocking at the head stock and the neck will tell us is the trus rod or tuning grills are well aligned or not, if they are loose a knock on a head stock will result in loosy weird springy sound then it mens the tuning forks are loose and are not aligned properly, if you get the same kinda sound from the lower end then it is time to re-align and fix the trus rod, if you skip this check then you can end up with a bad guitar and then end up fixing it later.

Fifth, Buy guitars from brands like fender, epiphone, gibson, yamaha and colt , these brands are well trusted and have wide spectrum of guitars to choose from , they have all type of guitars that can range from being very affordable to super expensive.

Sixth, compare your grip size with the,neck size and see If you can comfortably hold chords or not, because the neck size and volume is very important and based on your palm size you should dexterously pick the right neck size and volume that is less then half of your palm length, this will help you to get the right neck size and hence playing will be more smooth , faster and subtle as the neck size is well calibrated with your palm size.

Seventh, just like you check a piece of furniture , check the sound board like same way, try to get the bass and the treble from the soundboard , you can do this by playing a beat on the soundboard and see if the hits have reverby and nice sharp feeling to it or a dampy and less reverby sound, if you get a clear well balanced sound with good amount of trailing vibrations it is a good soundboard , if you get damp, weak and springy vibration the sound board is not working fine .

So these are few steps that you should acknowledge while getting a new rig, if you follow the above mentioned steps you will get the best deal ever!!

66 / 100

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