These are few steps in order to effectively plan and execute an efficient digital strategy that can ripe higher ROI.

A balance of sales and customer service can be achieved via effectively leveraging the digital identity , HQ digital assets and processes evolve over time and trends shifts over time as they both are dynamic in nature.

Increasing dynamism in the market is demanding high quality of optimization and adaptation procedures, current operational and marketing endeavors have moved up a notch , a strong and dynamic digital identity will support the core business processes to a very high extent as it will include high value digital assets like website, mobile app, APIs, Payment gateway,process servers, payment servers, intranet CRM,ERP , PMS and related third party communication and process management scalable suits like web chat , email server, telephony channel, all assets have to be seamlessly integrated, monitored and managed in order to get good results.

DI is bolstered via adapting to industry wide accepted front end and the back end software/ hardware systems to manage and automate business process for better cost effectiveness, payroll, training and talent acquisition hence bringing the cost down, bringing in more margin and growth.

These are few step to bolster DI.

1)Build HQ affiliate network and create high quality back links to get organic reach and better organic placements on search and display networks.

2) Deploying scalable and efficient third party CRM, ERP, PMS software that provide extended front end and back end capabilities , plus maintaining the right scale to reduce inter department communication and process related latency.

3) Leveraging the power of real time actionable analytics for efficient Data gathering initiatives, creating precise business forecasts via data analysis of data-sets derived from the customers touch-points and other relevant first party and third party sources.

Effectively handle the third party, and inter department communication systems and carry out diligent analysis initiatives , keeping data encrypted and secure with the real time assistance from the QA and INFOSEC teams is imperative.

4) Educate the staff and implement data security standards by subscribing to data and cyber security services , for eg adhering to an industry accepted IDS, IPS and services Like cloud flare, which provide enhanced protection against highly scalable DDOS and other type of lethal cyber attacks, make customer and enterprise data security a top priority.

5) Effectively leveraging business related APIs and seamlessly integrating them for error less and smooth transitions. A Better UX coupled with delay less payment procedures due to state of the art notification and transaction servers in imperative , all the digital transaction nodes have to seamlessly synced with inter department database servers .

Deploying high end encrypted network and communication systems in place is required to safeguard customer ,suppliers and partners financial data.

6) Creating the right information and system architecture that is designed keeping the short and long term scalability in mind, strong structuring and effective integration of data for advanced analytics to derive trend and sales forecast has to be highly prioritized, this approach will assist in higher level of customer data analysis resulting in deep behavior and preferential analysis which will be based on the HQ filtered data sets gathered through customer, business and partners digital channels.

Along with these steps which are part of PHASE 1 OF DIGITAL IDENTITY CREATION it is quite clear that Digital identity creation and management is a complex process and may require medium and high skilled talent acquisition to handle processes & sub-processes.

Adhering to the best practices , implementation and frameworks will render a smooth and efficient AGILE DIGITAL INFRA IMPLEMENTATION and which will directly result in higher ROI and PRODUCTIVITY NUMBERS.

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