Staying motivated if you are trying to achieve something is a daunting task, if you look at what you really want then you can easily visualize it and all the time when we dream about it we go away from the reality and then come back to it and that transition is not that beautiful, because we ended up being de-motivated.

Reality is like a red pill, it is more like something which we all want to escape, but my friends that is not possible, dream world is not real it has to be made real, i mean it is real when you can feel it , but it slowly dissolve and then you come back to reality.

The concept of visualizing and felling your dreams has kept us motivated, imagine working for anything you want and barely can see it coming, i mean it can be so de-motivating.

We have this great power of imagination and we leverage it all the time , be it creating something real cool, be it day dreaming, be it anything we want, if we can visualize enough we will gradually start manifesting it and that is most important, think and manifest, dream and manifest, but take action to MANIFEST.

What i am trying to say here is that we all have to take action to manifest something, if we don’t take action then how can we manifest and if we cant manifest then those beautiful dreams will be dreams forever and ever.

Life will go on and the best way to see it is to grow everyday if you can, i know it can be hard to grow everyday but that is how it works, i mean the more you spend time on certain process the better you will at them as simple as this, we humans are very protocol and process oriented and as far i can see you can break all your dream into processes and protocol , and once you get real good at those processes and protocol you have already won, i mean to say you are wining everyday if you are working on the process , if you are not then you are still the same, that is why GROW EVERYDAY & SOON YOU WILL LIVE YOUR DREAM.

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