Here down below some of the interesting facts which made me go wow!!

The Longest Test : The last match of England’s tour of South Africa in 1939 was decided to be timeless. So the behemoth match went on for 10 days (3rd March to 14th March with 2 rest days) unfortunately even after going on for 10 days, it had to be declared a draw. England needed just 42 runs with 5 wickets in hand at tea. But rain ruined the remaining of the day. England team had to catch their train on 15th so that they could take the ship to England on 17th. So match was declared a draw.
When 10 days were not enough
South Africa v England, Durban
Stalemate in the Timeless Test

Batting on all 5 days : There have been 8 batsmen in the history of test cricket who batted on all for freaking 5 days of a match, that is a lot of stamina and huge amount of endurance, i mean 5 days of playing wow!
Here’s the list.
Records | Test matches | Batting records | Batting on each day of a five day match | ESPN Cricinfo

Australia was involved in both tied test matches : There have been only two tied matches in test cricket till now as far as the relevance of data that i got through some public sources, and Australia was one of the sides in both the matches.
Tied Test

Victories by side Following on : According to my knowledge this has happened three times in test history, and all three times Australia was at the losing end.
Forced to follow-on yet won

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