When Kurt Cobain was at his prime, many compared him to Jim Morrison or John Lenon. Comparing groundbreaking artists with each other is nothing new.

Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain both have joined the club 27, obviously the reason of the death was high level of substance abuse.

I love how Kurt and Jim Morrison are into pulling stunts on stage, and were into deep poetry and very super witty lyrics, i mean when we listen to them we can see that their lyrics were so profound , for many it many appear random but if you go deep then you can see how deep the lyrics were.

To be honest, very few musicians are deep into poetry today even if they are still they have to make a choice of making a main stream hit, which is usually about a girl at a club or doing basic stuff offline. It will so weird to compare KURT with any mainstream artist today, damn it wont be possible.

Music has turned into a pretty efficient money making industry, record label job is to show what people love and they are doing it, businessman will make business, it the masses who decide what is good or not, so blaming record label for not promoting underground scene is like blaming GOD, doesnt make sense atall, they are doing their job and people are consuming what they want.

Nothing is new, and the music scene is not that experimental that it was during the 70 to 90s , there are band like TOOL , DT, PT and opeth who are pretty famous and are still playing amazing music but obviously they are not at all put into the mainstream limelight.

I am a big fan of nirvana it was because of the minimal setup and the maximum noise, look at them , they kick ass on stage , stage dive, full power energy, he was like a person on a stage rather then a fancy ass rockstar, he was a common man on stage but his fire spread everywhere, he was totally honest about what he was doing, no mumbo jumbo and people loved his realness, i mean KURT is so far away from being FAKE even after being so freaking famous RESPECT.

There are many amazing bands in the scene now a day who are very genuine but will never ever make it to the MAIN STREAM MEDIA, and that i so shocking , these super talented musician have spent so much time mastering there skills and they just get a small set of audience, wow being a kid from the 90s i can feel what they all must me going through, thanks to you-tube and other media channels that now at-least if you are good people will forward your music here and there, thanks to social media if you playing some kick ass guitar people will notice it, but trust me it is next to impossible to kick in to the main stream media until you drop a main stream hit and that is totally possible if you follow the set of protocols that the mainstream media has put into place.

57 / 100

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