How Billionaires Protect Them From any attack

It is not even about the billionaires , but i have seen millionaires taking up private security serious, the point of having security is that , you gotta be safe, because if you have billion dollars in your hand you better be safe and sound , because if you are not safe and sound somebody will take an opportunity and transfer all that hard earned bitcoin in their freaking account, and that is not even a difficult job for a gangster or a mafia.

Billionaire need security and they have a certain sum to be spent on it every-year, it can be in millions or few 100 THOUSAND DOLLARS, whatever it is they are spending lot of dough for some bodyguards and let me tell you these are not those amateur street club bouncers, they are well trained highly trained security personal and they have only one goal in mind to save the boss no mater what.

I am not sure if they have enough to save them, but anyways they have way less security then any politician and that is totally fine because politicians have army and cops at their disposable, so obviously they will be guarded by more men, private security is definitely needed for them 100%, the more money you gonna have the more scared you will be to lose it, so yeah getting few trained strong men who have some combat experience is not a bad deal.

Here are the lit of expenditure THE BILLIONAIRES MAKE ON PRIVATE SECURITY.

  • Larry Ellison: $1.6 million
  • Jeff Bezos: $1.6 million
  • Sundar Pichai: $1.2 million
  • Tim Cook: $300,000
  • Eric Schmidt: $300,000
  • Jack Dorsey: $70,000

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