I mean with the tragic death of SUSHANT SINGH, now people are noticing the sad truth about Bollywood, i mean i never was into mainstream Bollywood , it just doesn’t connect with me , i really don’t want to see actors who are not actor but just models who happen to be the kids of SUPER RICH PRODUCERS, DIRECTOR OR BUSINESS MAN, and if someone like SUSHANT SINGH comes into the game they turn against him, i can totally get what he was going through, if you look at his movies and how they are making and compare it with a really crappy SALMAN KHAN movies you are going to see the huge difference, i mean SUSHANT SINGH is a good actor, worked his way up, no backing, he played his card real well without any much financial backing and what does he get , laugh from the BIG NAMES IN THE BOLLYWOOD, that totally unfair.

I mean if i have to count example of sheer nepotism in Bollywood i will go nuts because so many people are just in Bollywood because there father made it big or is a rich guy, period, so if a industry which is supposed to be a part of art and entertainment is filled with rich brats just because there father is rich enough to produce a movie, i cant stand it.

I don’t watch Bollywood , only few movies that i actually love are not mainstream but are well directed with a good set of talented actors who have worked their way up due to their acting not paying money.

Look at how the industry is designed, if you know a big name, or if you can sleep with someone you can be something, else goodbye, what kinda messed up industry is this, it is better to be poor then to sell your soul to the devil.

If you think this will end right now, best of luck because this is an industry which is not skill based just nepotism based and it will not change ever and ever, and why are they able to bank on nepotism BECAUSE MASSES DONT CARE, THEY WILL STILL SUPPORT THESE BIG NAMES , THE SYSTEM HAS BEEN IN PLACE FOR DECADES AND THE SAD PART IS IT WILL BE IN PLACE FOR DECADES.

P.S i am not against Bollywood, i am just against the nepotism, let the talent shine and let us see some good movies like DEV D, LAGAAN, DANGAL, NEWTON etc etc…

63 / 100

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