House music is very soulful and you gotta tap into that soul to get the real juice, yeah i mean tap into that juice and get all that soulful juiciness.

House music is more about groove and vibes, it is not techno atall, it is not disco i mean they all have same kinda origin but it doesn’t make them same atall, i mean look at the melodic structure of house , techno and disco it is different, the usage of elements , percussion , the energy flow is different, when i am referring to house i am talking about progressive house or lets say melodic house , jazz house can have a lot fo cool jazz vibes but when i am talking about house i usually refer to the mellow and smooth type of house where nothing is too much, nothing too intense just enough to feel relaxed.

House music is the first electronic genre i felt in love with and by this i mean progressive house, it is due to the fact that it is mellow, it has a great balance , it has that beautiful ambient pad going on, that amazing sound of open hi hat, that kick not to crazy enough to feel the groove, that soulful vocals , it just gives me so much of positive vibes, it is beautifully intense more in a positive way.

See explaining genres through written word is so difficult, because music is transcendental we can use word to express it but it wont do any justice to it, it will be just words expressing something, house music is like a sweet juice that you sip and you feel really nice.

If we look at the structure of the song, it will have the kick not that intense, it will have a synth melody, it will have a nice bass line to drive the crunchiness, it will have soul full vocal well spread out, and yes a nice snare sound not too slappy, just slappy enough to create a nice feel and vibe and yes how can i forget the beautiful Ambient pads to get the angelic kinda feel going on.

Just like Lo-fi , house music carry lot of emotions, it carries a more mellow vibe because people wanna dance, it is more of a love genre, you can feel loved, it drives those love emotions, that beautiful nostalgia, house music has got me through pretty rough times, it has given me positive motivation to move on in life, i mean the driving factor can be really different for each one of us, and that is the beauty of house music.

68 / 100

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