If ever you want to have a good personality then getting a good body language is the game changer, i mean all your personality depends on the body language, it will be really weird if you dont have a good body language and you try to act cool, because you wont look cool.

observe all the stars, you think they are hot as hell, check there body language , they all have real good body language and trust me they are aware of it, getting a good body language is the name of the game
if you are slimy geek then you have to get rich and have lambo cash
to get some attention from the ladies, but is you are an alpha even-though you are doing average in life, you will get lot of attention from spicy senoritas, the point i am trying to make is whatever your personality is
it is linked with your persona and your current body language.

the best part is you can manifest a really cool
body language that can attract the ladies towards you,
all you gotta do is to work on yourself.

Anyways ladies are one part of the equation the other
part of the equation is the social success that you will get,
if you have good body language and commanding voice with good
content then people will love to talk to you, hang out with you
and party and have fun with you, it is as simple as this, look
at the strongest stray dog you can find and see the other
dogs around him , the stronger stray will have more command over other,
the stronger dog will be termed alpha by the group as he is more brave and aggressive then other.

Keeping this strong factor in mind, that the personality
is enhanced when the body language is enhanced is must, i mean for god sake look at OBAMA he is considered very good looking by females
it because he is classy , he has good voice, he is intelligent and powerful
i mean if you just go on the looks then any beat up muscular model can
beat him, but if you look at the whole package then OBAMA is a winner
even in front of a really famous models, it is because he has got it all.

So work on your body language and then you will see the results,
the easiest way is to stand straight, talk sense, be smart,
speak when necessary, be polite , respect ladies, respect space,
get a strong body, do yoga and meditation, and walk with a tempo
dont walk like a wild wild west cowboy, walk like a human
with a nice tempo, not fast not slow just medium, and try to establish a good
speaking voice as well, all the above mentioned points will only manifest
if you practice day and night, without the practice you will not be
able to do any of it.

Peace out homies, and work on the body language it will change your life.

70 / 100

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