I simply love BAREM music and the way he mixes, i mean the set list is over the top and the mixing is amazing, the way he drives the set is pretty neat, and the mixing is real smooth , i mean you can feel the bass drop and then slowly adding the mid and the high but all that in a really smooth way and that is what i liked about his transition, i mean it can go offbeat sometimes but that is the feel of it, that is the feel of the live mix adding that human element to it, so down below i am sharing a real good set by him, the live set has real good feel, the bass is well balanced, the mid are not going nuts and the percussive sound is simply amazing.

In the set he introduce lot of weird bass and mid range sounds which just adds so much beauty to the mix, i mean if you are into progressive house or techno then you are going to love this set, it doesnt have that super happy vibe , but the set has a more I AM COOL kinda vibe and that is what drived me nuts when i heard the set i will also share the SET-LIST, so you can get all the track and check em out!!

I would have danced like nuts if i would have been in this party damn, he is mixing so good, the vibes are really good, decent crowd, just loved it, another amazing set by BAREM – boiler room .


(00)Lisi̬re Collectif РM-2206-14

(06)Oliver Deutschmann – Siem Reap (Stephan Hill Reduction)

(12)Yuuki Hori – Scene 5

(15) N.A

(19) N.A

(23)James Dexter – That’s Life

(29)Ray Mono-In The Cut

(34) N.A


44)Konrad Bacl-Scorched Earth(Barac Interpretation)

(49) N.A

(55)Nacho Bolognani-Vibe

67 / 100

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