I mean the choice of DAW totally depends upon you some DAW will work fine some may not for you,
i mean the DAW are kinda doing the job it is the user which may or may not like on or the other.

i have been using both FL Studio and abelton for many years now and
i love both of them, yes i have used FL studio way more then abelton, but it doesn’t make FL a better DAW , i mean it is totally a preference, i use
FL more then abelton and that is totally based on what i like.

Both DAWS are the best in the game, i mean best of luck in finding a better
DAW for creative production, i think fl studio is in the game for a while and since i was like 17 i have been using FL a lot, i love the feel of it, it is so fluid, you can just flow around the GUI and i really love it, it looks like a mess sometimes but i am a big fan of that mess.

Yes, i have used abelton a lot as-well, and it has its own window 95 kinda feel, i mean it is so well organized that you cant make a mistake or loose some info, i mean when i produce in FL i loose track of channel sends but with abelton it is not possible plus i will be honest with you when i was not using pro tool i was mixing my songs using ABELTON because its arrangement and session view is just amazing, very tight GUI, the travel time is low, everything is so well organized and THE NATIVE PLUGINS for abelton are better then FL.

i mean all native plugins will kinda do the job in a real good way , but i am just talking about the control, i have used all the native plugins and abelton scores a big 100, it is because the EQ is so good, REVERB and delay are so amazing, you can control so many parameter which just helps you to control so much in the processing side, with FL studio the plugins are amazing but the controls are not as much amazing, i mean it just has less control over DSP as compared to Abelton, i have to be honest Abelton kicks ass when it comes to native plugins.

I mean i use pro tools aswell and i load up my plugins in it as-well, but anyways if you are into premium plugins then go nuts both are good, i am more of a native and a premium kinda guys, love best of both the world

Anyways if you are using a free version of both of them, then there is nothing to complain about thanks to these amazing coders and organizations, we can now compose tracks with so much convenience and i just love it, i am big fan of pro tools and its native plugins are WAY MORE EPIC……

Anyways it totally depends on you what kinda DAW you wanna use but for me FL and ABELTON both do the justice, for GUI i prefer FL , for travel time between different parameter ABELTON is better, NATIVE PLUGINS ableton will win the race, the MIDI setting for me in abelton is super easy and in the end i will like to say that i use FL more then abelton just because i am very much used to it that all.

FOR MIXING i dont use any of em i use PRO TOOLS.

Down below i am sharing two really cool videos which will lay out for yall

55 / 100

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