Who doesn’t love delay, i mean we all use delay in our tracks, it kinda adds space to the mix, it kinda adds the wideness that is what we all are looking for sometimes, but the point is if you add more of the delay juice it is going to overflow and that is totally not required, anyways in this abstract i am not gonna talk about delay because i have talked about it a lot in my podcast, check out the podcast section lot of info about reverb and delay from an audio engineer point of view.

Today i am going to share the 3 best delay plugins that will change your life, lol i mean not your life but your mixes, these 3 plugins that are amazing, have got so much of control wufff, so you got lot of crazy options to choose from and if you are preset guy then bang on the preset in them are really good, i mean hit the preset tweak it a little bit and boom you got the whole new cool stuff going on…

These delay plugins have amazing control, i mean the feedback can be juiced real well, the controls are gonna be same, like the time, decay, feedback, dry/wet etc etc but the feel is different so check em out and see for yourself.

Anyway without wasting any of your precious time, i am gonna jaw down three DELAY plugging that i use and i find best when it comes to mixing it with whatever genre you feel like.


Manny Marroquin Delay

Valhalla Delay

68 / 100

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