Yoga is a way of life, yoga and meditation kinda goes hand in hand , an aware integration of body, mind and soul.

I have been traveling for a while and have met lots of yoga teachers and practitioners and I simply love their vibes, very smooth and subtle, they all are in great shape but at the same time they all are aware and that is what impresses me.

Yoga and meditation is more of a journey then a destination , I mean it is just like learning music , it kinda never ends, it just keeps on getting better and better everyday and that is what makes it so fluid and intuitive.

Yoga and meditation is kinda natural healing process of the body and the mind , yes meditation will take you into space and time and you can navigate around but a right mix of yoga and meditation is the key for a healthy living, in my case I am more of a mediator then a yoga practitioner, I love the breathing exercises like pranayama because these intense and powerful breathing exercises takes me to a state of trance and then straight to an intense yet subtle meditative state.

I am a fan of osho and sadhguru and have been following them for years, they both kinda say the same thing when it comes to yoga and meditation, but barely listening to them will not help at all , yoga and meditation is not theory it is a pragmatic process and without practice it won’t even leave a dent, let me assure you I am not a pro at this , but I do it , and you don’t even have to be a pro, think it as you are doing something to heal you body and mind that can help you detox your body and mind in a more natural way.

Meditation and breathing exercises helped me let loose of my anxiety and fear and I am very vocal about it, I was in depression but it all helped me to be better day by day, I will not say that you will be super happy or sad but what happens is that you will start connecting with your internal world and that connection is kinda intense in nature, and the more you meditate the more you can stay in the state of trance, and that state is so precious , so calm and so beautiful, you live in present , you navigate the labyrinth inside you and then you regain your normal sense, thats how i kinda felt.

All that process just heal you from within and help you to abstract the physical and the metaphysical layer of your existence, our ancestors were very aware and that is why along with the culture, religion they gave us all the gift of yoga and meditation and if we can leverage it to reach higher perception and manifest joyful existence, then that is one of the best thing we can do with our lives.

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