The easiest way to survive the tuff online game is to be available in few major social media and micro blogging websites and be super consistent, I mean if we look at the current scenario it is need of the day and without it I don’t think so businesses can even create a small dent.

I mean look at us, we all are crazy about social media and the brand’s which are able to effectively leverage are making a lot of greens by precisely leverage the organic and inorganic reach, in this online wild wild west the website is ain’t enuff , a good social media account is like a kick a$$ ninza sword.

So many social media influence-rs are selling weird digital products online without even planning them out, all they are doing is that they know few things, they wrap that around a service, spend money on their Instagram or Facebook and then gradually they develop that huge inorganic + organic following, obviously if you taking the inorganic path of increasing followers and post like it will also increase your organic growth, Instagram sponsored posts if being leveraged the right way , is one of the best way to connect precisely with your target audience and it does works all the time if your campaign is well configured.

Leveraging social media is kinda tricky, you gotta know what you are doing , you gotta be good at it and you gotta know the end goal , I mean people want to create viral content but the most important thing that they dont understand is that big corporation to mid or small size digital firms are also trying to do the same stuff, creating viral stuff is not easy atall , most of us have this illusion that our so called content can get Viral, and to be honest It can be but the odds are in millions, I mean all those videos with millions of likes are due to the fact that these pages have huge organic reach Plus they leverage inorganic momentum to achieve the desired growth, it may appear like a dumb viral video but most of the time there is a whole PR team that is pushing it up….

Anyways social media hustle is something which you should be well versed of, if you ever wanna be an influencer or even a successful online business owner, I mean just even a cool Instagram account can make you lot of money through product promotions, digital products, consultancy, advertising, product placements, collaboration, web traffic to eCommerce, i mean the possibilities are endless.

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