Acoustic guitar have a nice sound and has an analog feel to it and in order to finesse that acoustic juiciness we have to place the mics at the right distance and at the right alignment.

So the best way to record guitar is to have a two mic setup, one pointed at the center few inches away that totally depends on the mic sensitivity , the second position will be few inches away from the 12TH FRET.

So to sum it up, the best recording position will be one pointed at the center, slightly off axis and the second mic should be pointing towards the 12th FRET.

Keep the center mic little off axis because the sound hole has a lot of bass and you dont want too much bass and harmonics in the recording it will sound real bad, so keeping it slightly off axis balances the tonality to a very high extent and you get the right amount of juice.

Anyways what i said is just tip of the ice berg, i am sharing the best videos on you-tube to learn how to mic your guitar real well, to get the best sound, i have learned from them, so you better should aswell, once you watch all the below mentioned videos you will have all the info to record you guitar will high level of accuracy and finesse.

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