Drum can be super tricky to record , i mean the miking of drum has to be pretty neat in order to get the best sound possible while drum miking.

Drum have so many elements, hi hat, snare, toms , overheads and some other percussive stuff and in order to clip a mic and record them with phase alignment can be a big problem.

I mean it is so hard to stop the BLEED, i mean your hit hat mic will surely record your snare hit and that is a SNARE BLEED right there in your hi hat channel, anyways use GATES to solve that issue but that is POST-RECORDING STAGE.

Anyways EQing is a game changer when it comes to drum miking and a compressor is a best friend, i mean you can use em later if you want but i use it first sometimes and sometimes later, totally depends on the clarity of the recording and phase data.

Anyways down below i am going to share some of the best way to arrange drum mics watch em and do the same way, REMEMBER : symmetry is the key, if you are placing mics in non-symmetrical position with respect to kit and with respect to each other then there will a PHASE ALIGNMENT ISSUE WHILE DRUM MIKING and you will get real bad recording, so keep this in mind all the time.

Get the right PHASE ALIGNMENT and MAKE THE DRUM MIKING SETUP SYMMETRICAL, anyways down below are some cool videos that will make your job super easy.

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