Are we all Materialistic?

We all are materialistic to some extent some are bigger some are smaller and some are completely non materialistic and minimalist intellectuals like yogis, monks , saints and many more.

The seed of materialism has been planted by capitalists the very day we are born which has been slowly fertilized by our parents, relatives, friends and acquaintances.

So we have been victimized by capitalism that gives an illusion that it is making our life easier but in reality is it making it worse than ever, it is making our physical life easy but is making our mental life tougher and tougher.

So by diminishing the materialistic inside you, can help you sustain a happy life, trust me you don’t need a fancy gadget to open your eyes, you don’t need a fancy medicine to sleep, you don’t need a fancy shoe to walk, what i meant to say is that all the above mentioned processes like walking, watching etc are fundamental to our existence and as we add any layer of products over our senses, the real experience gets vague.

we are getting disconnected with ourselves all the time, in a quest to drive temporally hormonal flow to feel small-term materialistic fueled joy.

Money is a psychological tool that is created by human beings. People can totally act out as slaves when they are offered money in return and that has been a scenario for a while.

Capitalism doesn’t define you, you moral, value and your perception defines you.

Life is about living with the nature, being a persistent healing part of it but instead today each one of us pollute the nature consistently and as we are aware that majority of the world population is not even introduced to the most basic environmental, social, spiritual and rational paradigm due to which they are just consuming & consuming not creating anything, Which is devastating to a certain extent, when the power of creativity is lost culture and society will be build upon fascism, communism and oligarchy which is somehow the current situation as-well.

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