I am a big fan of South Indian classical music and these 3 jams are one of the best in the game, anyways majority of the Indian classical musicians are super talented they know how to lay down the bars, but these 3 jams sessions are kinda real close to me, as they had made me sedated even during hard times, the jams i am going to share are from the SOUTH INDIAN CLASSICAL GENRE but anyways i will share it aswell in the next post, so here you go three super cool SOUTH INDIAN CLASSICAL PERFORMANCE that will make you go total nuts.

South Indian classical music is kinda different from North Indian classical music, i mean both are primitive for sure, but the lyrical layout, the way the ragas are interpreted, the way the rhythm and melodic structure are, even the name of ragas are kinda different, but both are equally blissful and sedate and holds a rich heritage behind.

66 / 100

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