I mean the list of amazing solos by him is endless, he is one of the best in the game, i mean USTAD JI is a legend, i mean when he plays tabla it just goes totally off the notch, he has got mad skills and undoubtedly he is world famous, he is a great compose, he is great teacher , i mean he is a genius in simple words, A GODDAMN GENIUS.

I play tabla and i picked it up because of him, i used to watch hour and hours of his solos and used to just feel sad that why the heck i cant play tabla, i mean when i looked at him the way he was playing , the beauty of it, the dynamism , the charm waooooo it give me goosebumps.

I love percussions and he is the one who got me into it, obviously i havent met him but i just love him he is one of a kind and trust me words cant describe his skills, he is EPIC!!

So i am gonna share some real cool solos by USTAD JI and these 3 solos i am gonna share inspired me so much i cant even express, hope it does the same to you.

56 / 100

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