A lot of scientists have discovered lot of cool stuff that we play around with via thought experiments, so this abstract is going to be about that, not a scientist but surely i can go for a thought experiment.

We all can see in 3D and that is cool but have you even noticed your shadow is a 2D structure , I mean to say if we put a 3D object in front of a light source it will have a 2D shadow , and that is what we observe in our day to day life , the point is universe exist in multiple dimensions and we are observing the 3D part of it , with the physical body we have , the input sensors we have are limited and we all kinda know that , being a human we have limited visual and auditory inputs that can be perceived with an open eye , until and unless you can open the third eye but i am not gonna talk about it as it is huge topic in its own.

So moving on , if our shadows are 2D and we are 3D , then what if we are the shadow of our higher existence , by higher existence I mean higher dimensional existence, our consciousness is way beyond the rough frameworks of 3D but our physical experiences are bound to it , but if we follow the shadow law and light is all around us , we can be a shadow of our higher dimensional existence, our current existence can be a shadow of our 4D consciousness or 5D  consciousness and so on and so fort.

Life is not only given to us but we manifest it , just like we all have waves and that waves changes all the time , I am talking about the de Broglie wavelength, the larger the size the smaller will be the wavelength obviously we can solve the formulae to calculate our wavelength, plus we all are made up of carbon , hydrogen and oxygen majorly so we have to look at two perceptive at the same time the micro process that rendered this reality and the macro aspect that rendered our macro reality.

Life is a process to manifest consciousness across universe when the right conditions are met to sustain it , it is a universal force and totally linked with the laws of nature and it exist in multiple dimensions , what we see with our open eye is JUST 3D WORLD, just like putting a pair of sunglasses when there is sun, you can see the sun but at the same time what you see is not sun…..

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